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Child Psychological Development Association (CPDA)provides professional psychological service to infants, toddlers, and their parents. Our professionals consist of Clinical Psychologist, Counseling Psychologist, Registered Social Worker and Certified Psychotherapist.

Members have access to Playgroups, Parent-Child Playgroups, Sing & Play Groups, and other activities at our centre. The programmes are designed and operated to meet the different psychological needs of a child at various developmental stages. Our in-house psychologists are also experienced in providing assessment, diagnosis, therapy and other related services, which are value added for a comprehensive understanding of our children.

We believe that a child should enjoy a happy and healthy childhood. We focus on “preventive education”, providing the most suitable environment, activities, and assistance during the development progress. Therefore, our professionals spent great efforts in integrating multiple psychological techniques into a series of playgroup activities. Wishing all your children a jovial and healthy childhood.

Mission Statement:
Enhancing children's cognitive, behavioral, social and emotional development through games and parent-child interactions

Vision Statement:
Providing all-rounded and healthy development for children, both physically and psychologically; Creating loving and harmonious social and family relationships.

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