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Professional Screening

  • We understand that parents are always worried about their children’s development. If children need to arrange for psychological assessment, a long wait time is usually required, especially for government services. While waiting, parents undergo tremendous pressure. On the other hand, private or non-government organizations typically charge several thousand dollars for a formal assessment, sometimes even more.
  • As such, we offer a “Professional Screening” service for parents. In a group setting, a professional instructor leads games while a Psychologist observes the children’s behavior. From there, we analyze their conditions and give suggestions and advices for parents in order to take appropriate action. Hence, parents can learn about their children’s needs while waiting for a formal assessment, and provide the appropriate intervention.
  • We believe the earlier the intervention, the better the outcome will be.

Individual Psychotherapy

Our professional team includes clinical psychologist, counseling psychologist and psychotherapist, providing all-rounded psychological services to members and their family.
  • Professional Counseling and Psychotherapy Service
    • Parents often face tremendous stress rearing children, while dealing with marital problems and work related stress. At times, these stressors seem overwhelming, yet parents must hold it together for the family. We offer professional counseling and psychotherapy services to members and their family to assist them with coping skills, communication skills, and strategy for handling children with behavioral issues. Most importantly, we offer an empathic ear, giving you the support you need to overcome challenges in life.
    • In general, a treatment process of 6 to 9 sessions (1 hour each) will provide a significant improvement.
  • Hypnotherapy
    • In recent years, hypnotherapy is a widely used, effective treatment for addiction, compulsive behavior, work related stress and post traumatic stress. According to the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, hypnotherapy can be used to increase self-esteem, performance, concentration, and reduction of anxiety caused by exams and interviews. Moreover, hypnosis can also be used to boost memory, reduce bodily pain caused by stress, improve quality of sleep, reduce weight, and treat tobacco, alcohol and gambling addiction.
    • In general, a treatment process of 6 to 9 sessions (1 hour each) will provide a significant improvement.

Party Service

  • Want to leave fond memories for your children? Host a fun-filled party for them! Our 1000 sq. ft. multi-purpose activity room can accommodate 20 children and their parents. We will also take care in cleaning and sterilizing the place to ensure your children’s health is protected.
  • Services included:
    • Decorations, food and drinks, party hosting, invitations, souvenirs.
    • Birthday party, holiday celebrations.

Seminar and Training

Parents and educators’ action, behavior, teaching method and communication style are crucial for children’s growth. As such, we host a variety of seminar and training sessions to equip parents and educators, allowing children to grow in a joyful and healthy manner.