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Our Professoinals
Dr. Yip Mung Sze Cynthia
Honorable Advisor
Dr. Jackie Chan
Honorable Advisor
Mr. Victor Ching
Registered Psychologist
Ms. Carley Chan
Psychological Advisor
Qualified speech therapist
Ms. Maggie Tsui
Hong Kong Registered Physiotherapist
Ms. Minnie Leung
Register Social Worker
Mr. Andrew Li
Nathan Yung
Chief Sport Psychology Consultant
Ms. Salli Lam

Dietitian ( China )

Bachelor of Computer Science ( Canada )

Nutrition and Health Consultant ( China )

Hand diagnosis – based on luster, colour and morphologic changes of hand Certificate ( China )

FAA Nutrition Senior Consultant

FAA Nutrition Senior Lecturer

Andrew is currently a registered dietitian in private practice to provide nutrition consultation and dietary recommendations to improve an individual’s health. Andrew has also organized a number of nutrition and health talks at schools, in the communities as well as in corporates, with topics such as nutrition for kids, healthy diet for men and women, nutrition and the prevention of chronic diseases, diet myths , environmental toxins , hand diagnosis – based on luster, colour and morphologic changes of hand, and other topics on health. He also served as a judge in cooking competitions and provided professional advice on food and nutrition. Andrew’s mission is to promote healthy lifestyle without relying on medicines.






上海財經大學企業管理哲學博士候選人(研究: 運動智能企業管理方法)

澳洲Monash University輔導心理學碩士








Nathan Yung, 香港國際運動心理學院創辦人兼主席。從事培訓事業超過15年, 是資深企業培訓師、團隊教練、心理輔導員、運動心理顧問及運動心理發展推動者。 師承國際運動心理權威俄力克教授及柏卓思博士, Nathan除了向中港兩地精英運動員提供面談服務外, 還致力研發及創辦及<兒童運動智能導修計劃>, 務求將運動心理的重要性提倡到社會大眾當中, 讓各項目各水平的運動參與者獲得運動心理資源, 及為兒童打好運動智能的基礎。而為了讓運動心理發展更全面, Nathan致力創立<香港兒童運動智能發展基金> 及 <國際運動心理貢獻基金>, 目的以運動作為平台, 協助香港紓緩跨代貧窮問題和進一步推動運動心理學的發展。


Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, Azusa Pacific University

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, UCLA

Graduate Member, California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist

Graduate Member, Hong Kong Psychological Society

Member, Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association

Arthur is a clinical psychologist of CPDA, with a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Azusa Pacific University (APU), USA. The Clinical Psychology program is highly accredited by the American Psychological Association and is considered one of the best in the country. Arthur also specialises in marriage and family therapy and child development, and is a registered member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist in the USA. He is experienced in child and adolescent counselling, and has been a school counsellor as well as teacher. He is currently working at Hong Kong Institute of Christian Counselors as a lecturer and Field officer.


United Kingdom Chartered Psychologist, BPsS
Hong Kong Registered Psychologist, HKPsS
Doctor of Psychology, Clinical Psychology (CSU, USA)
Master of Counselling, Counseling Psychology (ASU, USA)
Bachelor of Art, Psychology (BYUH, USA)
Postgraduate Certificate, Clinical Counselling Supervision (HKSYU, HK)
Associate Fellow of Clinical Psychology Division, British Psychological Society
Full Member of Division 12 (Clinical Psychology), American Psychological Association
Associate Fellow, Hong Kong Psychological Society
Associate Fellow, Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association

Dr. Chan is one of the beginning founders of CPDA.For more than 10 years Dr. Chan has been practicing counselingand professional psychology in many local and overseas mental health agencies. Besides practicing counselingand professional psychology, teaching and clinical supervision are also Dr. Chan’s favorite activities.Dr. Chan was an internship clinical supervisor of Hong Kong Shue Yan University’s Counselling and Psychology Department from the year2010 to 2015, and he has also worked as a part-time counselling and psychology lecturer in several local and overseas universities, including Hong Kong Baptist University, the Open University of Hong Kong, the City University of Hong Kong, and University of Salford.

Dr. Chan is specialized in handling the issues of personal growth and marital relationship, and the treatment of depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma-and stressor-related disorders, paraphilic disorders, somatic symptoms and related disorders, dissociative disorders, and personality disorders. Dr. Chan’s clinical duties include administering psychological and forensic assessments and writing court ordered and individualized psychological report; providing children, teenagers, young adults, senior citizens, couples, and families with counseling, consultation, and psychotherapy services, and conducting training, seminars, workshops, and clinical research.

Masters (Hons) in Clinical Psychology

Bachelor in Psychology

Elsa is a French clinical psychologist. She graduated from the Faculty of Psychological Sciences and Education in Brussels (Belgium) at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. She also studied in England at the University of Kent.
Elsa is working with the French International School in Hong Kong to support students and their families, encountering emotional distresses. She previously worked in Canada where she acquired an expertise in Cognitivo Behavioral Therapy with people suffering from depression and anxiety disorders.
Elsa led many psychological and educational therapy groups about social skills, self-esteem, communication and emotion management.
In Belgium, Elsa worked in Brussels in the psychological support unit for clients affected by Cancer. She has assisted families and children whom parents were hospitalized in order to help them face emotional difficulties as well as improving and developing the communication within the family.
Being a therapist enriches her teaching experience with young children, which provides better support and is attentive to every child.
Her solid experience leads her to be very attentive and to adapt her practice to different personalities, depending on everyone’s needs and purposes.

MAP (Credit), MA (Credit), BBA (Hons), BA (Hons)

Master of Applied Psychology (Diverse Learning Needs, Credit)

Master of Arts (Global Business Management, Credit)

Bachelor of Arts (Hons, Applied Psychology)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons, HRM)

Registered Psychologist – HK

National Psychological Counsellor – PRC

Cert. Trainer – Mental Toughness® Coach (USA)

Registered Hypnotherapist (The Professional Board of Hypnotherapy, Canada)

Certified Hypnotherapist (GHR, England)

Certificated NLP Practitioner

PEP-3 Certified Administrator

Victor holds a Master Degree in Applied Psychology (Diverse Learning Needs, Passed with Credit), a Master Degree in Global Business Management (Passed with Credit), and also Bachelor degrees in Applied Psychology and Human Resources Management. He is now a registered psychologist in HK. He keeps sharing parenting skills via a number of media organizations and has been being interviewed hundreds times in the past few years. At present, he is the school supervisor of CPDA Kindergarten & Nursery, a columnist at the iKid Magazine (column title ‘感童身授’), and also one of the advisors of Smart Parents Magazine (column titled ‘新手爸媽’). Besides, Victor is one of the founders of Child Psychological Development Association (CPDA), which is one of the leading playgroup in Hong Kong with 12 playgroup centres and 1 kindergarten in the region. In 2015, CPDA steps in Mainland China, setting up the very first centre at Hangzhou. Victor also set up a training school providing playgroup teacher training to the public. Up to June 2015, total 13 cohorts with over 100 graduates have been trained.

Victor was a teacher in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. Currently, he is a visiting lecturer (SPEED, PolyU; Upper Iowa University – HK Campus) and trainer for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools providing teacher trainings and parenting courses. His flexible presentation skills, practical cases, and analytical techniques are adorable by his trainees. Besides training and teaching, Victor is now in private practice, providing screening service to children with special education needs and consultation to their parents, also designing individual educational plan (IEP) to children in needed

BSW (Hons)

Registered Social Worker

Minnie is an experienced and passionate social worker of CPDA. She had been the case manager of several government programmes, and with fruitful experience in teaching and child care. She has solid experience in providing adaptation training for various primary schools, and thus, has a fluent understanding of child emotional & psychological needs. Moreover, Minnie provided various tailor made emotional management and stress handling workshop for government departments and NGO.

Qualified Kindergarten Teacher Certified Child Care Worker

Vicky is a playgroup instructor of Child Psychological Development Association – Tai Po. She has been teaching inkindergarten and playgroup for more than 10 years. She has also been a tutor / counselor in Youth Centre. With the solid and practical experience gained, she is very knowledgeable about the growth and development of children from childhood to teenage. Vicky is also responsible for designing games and activities in church, providing a leisure and cheerful environment for children to grow happily and healthily. Vicky is very talented in art and has contributed a lot to schools and education centers in relation with artistic activities, helping to develop the potential and creativity of children.

Master of Social Sciences in Counselling Psychology (Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Candidate)
Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours (The Open University of Hong Kong)
Edexcel Level 3 BTEC National Diploma in Early Years (Abingdon and Witney College, UK)
CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Child Care and Education (Abingdon and Witney College, UK)

Sonia studies Child Care and Education in UK and has participated in designing games and programmes for local kindergartens, primary schools, hospitals. Though this experience, Sonia understands that parents and teachers’ positive attitude and participation is also significant for the growth of chidren. To get more understand of the needs of parents and children, Sonia is going to study Master of Social Sciences Counselling Psychology in Hong Kong Shue Yan University. She will be the registered counseling psychologist after finishing her Master.

Qualified Kindergarten Teacher

Certified Child Worker

Certified Baby Massage Instructor

Registered Playgroup Practitioner

Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education

Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Foundation Certificate For Hospital Play Specialists

Baby Massage Instructor Certificate

Kit Lam is a playgroup instructor of Child Psychological Development Association. She has solid experience in teaching kindergarten and playgroup. She is interested in child care’s field and already finished the foundation certificate for hospital play specialists in the University of Hong Kong.

Kit Lam has graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University of the Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education. She hopes that the theory learn from the university can be applied for the teaching and give our children a more suitable development and learning. Kitlam has already completed Baby Massage Instructor Certificate.

Qualified Kindergarten Teacher

Certified Baby Massage Instructor

Bachelor of Economics, University of Toronto

Maggie is a playgroup instructor of Child Psychological Development Association. She has more than ten years experience in teaching kindergarten, training special needs children and be a playgroup instructor. During the six years of teaching kindergarten, she gained two times of “Awarded of commendation certificate”. In addition, she worked in a training centre before, where she gained valuable experiences of teaching and interacting with some children, those children encountered with some developmental challenges. So Maggie has both experiences of teaching typical and special needs children and understands how to design appropriate lessons and takes care of them. Maggie is interested in child care’s field and already completed Baby Massage Instructor Certificate. She is a mother of three; therefore she has a lot of experience of take care of infant and knows what they needs for their development path. She hopes that her experience and knowledge can be applied for the teaching and give our children a more suitable development and learning.


Specialist in Psychiatry


MRCPsych (UK)


FHKAM (Psychiatry)

PDipCommunity Geriatrics

MSc (Clinical Gerontology)

DFM (Family Medicine)


PDipChild & Adolescent Health

Dr Kwan is the Honorary Advisor of CPDA. Dr. Kwan graduated from the University of Hong Kong and then received training in several subspecialties of psychiatric hospitals in Hong Kong. With clinical experiences in psychiatry over 10 years, Dr Kwan obtained the membership of Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK), the fellowship of Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists and several different postgraduate diplomas including Diploma in family medicine, Master in clinical Gerontology and Diploma in Child & Adolescent Health, etc. Besides clinical services, Dr Kwan also had participation in academic teaching and research studies. He have been the honorable associate professor of department of family medicine of HKU for providing teaching in the diploma course of psychological medicine and the tutor for coaching trainees of family medicine in their rotation of subspecialty training. Prior to the departure of public sector, Dr Kwan worked as an Associate Consultant and the in-charge person of centre for early psychosis in adolescence in Kowloon Central Cluster. And he has special interests in managing clients with Mood disorders (Depression, Anxiety disorders), early psychosis and Disorders in Child Psychiatry (Autism, Pervasive Developmental disorder, Attention deficit & Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)).


Registered Playgroup Practitioner

Higher Diploma of Early Childhood Education

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Grade 8 Piano

Tiffy is currently a playgroup tutor at CPDA (North Point). She has taught in various kinds of playgroups, such as pre-school and music playgroups. She has solid knowledge on child development and is experienced in teaching toddlers. Tiffy also has special training in enhancing children’s rhythm, ear and eye-hands coordination as well as imagination, creativity, logic and attentiveness. She believes music is able to strengthen children’s psychological development. Beside work, Tiffy has devoted in volunteer work. She has served different non-profit children organizations over ten years. She is passionate to help children grow healthily through activities.


Qualified Kindergarten Teacher

Certified Child Worker

Registered Playgroup Practitioner

Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Bachelor of Architect, City University of Hong Kong

Music & Movement Workshop by Mei Yu Kids Music & Dancing School ALICE has taught kindergarten for many years and has extensive teaching experience with children. She helps to lead different religious services for children in the church every week. She is very insightful in scheduling and coordinating activities for children. With solid knowledge and experience, she is able to integrate theories according to the physical and mental development of early child into practice. As a mother of two sons, ALICE deeply feels the needs of parents at different stages during the growth of children and the anxiety of facing confusion. Thus she has the capability to analyze problems and to share experience from a pre-school worker's point of view.

Qualified Kindergarten Teacher

Registered Playgroup Practitioner

Certificate of Child Psychology , Lingnan University

Kristy is playgroup instructor of Child Psychological Development Association. She has taught kindergarten and day activity centre for mentally handicapped persons.

Kristy has participated in different training programme like children physical and psychological development training course organized by Department of Health, Education and Manpower Bureau and Social Welfare Department and workshop for children preschool adaption hold by Hong Kong Christian Service. Therefore, Kristy has hand on experiences as well as academic knowledge for toddlers and infants’ growth and development.

Kristy has finished child psychology certificate in Lingnan University. She is able to utilize the knowledge she learned for teaching as well as sharing with parents.

Kristy is now studying applied psychology diploma in Baptist University in order to provide more appropriate service to parents and children.

Registered Playgroup Practitioner

Higher Diploma of Child Psychology in Hong Kong Open University

Certificate in Play Therapy

Tracy is a playgroup instructor of Child Psychological Development Association. She has solid experience in teaching kindergarten. Tracy is experienced in preschool education. Moreover, she is interested in all kinds of job that are related to infants and toddlers. She has completed the higher diploma of child psychology in Hong Kong Open University and she has also obtained the certificate of play therapy. Tracy believes that the stage of 0-3 year old is the critical moments for children brain development. She suggests parents should provide sufficient nutrition as well as activities to children for their growth and development.

Certificate of Putonghua proficiency test

Former Hong Kong Short track speed skating golden medal winner

Former short track speed skating golden medal winner Han Yeung Shuang would be in charge of Putonghua preschool adaptation course. After Ms Hon retired from her athletic career, she has obtained an outstanding grade in Putonghua proficiency test. She is experienced in teaching children Putonghua. Joining our Putonghua preschool adoption course, children can not only strengthen the listening and oral skill of Putonghua, but also strengthen their discipline which is beneficial for them to attend interviews in kindergarten in the future.

BSC (speech), University of Hong Kong

Speech Therapist

Carley is a qualified speech therapist in Hong Kong. She has previously worked as a speech therapist in some private organizations and an international school. She has also provided speech therapy services to over twenty mainstreaming primary schools in Hong Kong. In addition, she has conducted a speech therapy course for the Mei Foo Lai Wan Kaifong Association Mr. and Mrs. Leung Chi Chim Elderly Health Support and Learning Centre. She is also the consultant for various parenting magazines and online parenting platforms such as “ ohpama.com”, “01Parenting” and “Baby Kingdom”.

Carley has completed various professional courses about speech therapy, including “thinking about you, thinking about me” social skills training course, neurologic music therapy, three-part oral motor approach (level 1 &2) and feeding therapy: a sensory motor approach. She integrates such approaches in her speech therapy treatment in order to achieve the greatest effectiveness.

Bachelor of Dietetics, Indiana University, US

ServSafe Food Protection Certification, US

Member of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Member of Pediatric Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group

Registered Playgroup Practitioner

is a nutritionist of CPDA. She previously worked in a health supplement corporation as a nutritionist, responsible for providing professional nutrition counseling service, diet analysis and giving advice on common health problems such as diabetes, osteoporosis, hypertension, etc. She has prepared and organized health promoting seminars to small and large corporations for people from all age groups.

Furthermore, has assisted in designing and implementing students’ lunch meal plans and held educational seminars to promote healthy eating in American elementary schools and took part in a research study of Asian students’ diet patterns and its impact on their academic performance.




FHKAM ( Paediatrics )

DPD ( Cardiff )

Dr Cynthia Yip graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She pursued her training in paediatrics in the Queen Mary Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospital and United Christian Hospital in Hong Kong.

Subsequently Dr Yip received her training in Cardiff University for dermatology and she is also the certified user of the Griffiths Mental Development Scales from UK.

Dr Yip is currently worked as a paediatrician consultant and she provides different aspects of medical services for newborns to adolescents. She would provide development and growth assessment for children.

She is actively involved in public and professional education about child health. Besides as a paediatrician, Dr Yip is a certified baby massage instructor and the medical advisor of baby massage association. She pays a lot of effort in promoting child development via early childhood education.

Hong Kong Registered Physiotherapist

Master of Manual Therapy (UWA, Aust)


PD Dip. In Acupuncture (HKBU)

NASM Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

AASFP Certified Aqua Fitness Instructor

Ms. Tsui was graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and registered as a Physiotherapist. She started her career in Queen Elizabeth Hospital and worked in many specialties. She developed her interest in working with pediatric patients and working in the NICU, PICU, pediatric ward and out-patient department and treating patients with cardiopulmonary, neurological, orthopedic (such as torticollis and TEV, etc.), oncology, development delay problem. She left her work place on 2004 and worked in private settings.

She loves to acquire new knowledge and skills so she actively participate in continuous education such as personal fitness trainer, aqua fitness instructor, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, manipulation, baby massage, etc. Besides, she completed her master degree of manual therapy from the University of Western Australia in 2008.

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