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Jin Gyu’s mom

We have already joined the playgroup at CPDA for over a year. My elder son joined first, and now is my younger son’s turn. Unlike other playgroup centres, CPDA is formed by a group of professionals. They have mission and vision, unlike other centres that run the business in a mechanical way. I especially like the way that tutors conclude what they have taught every lesson. They repeat the lesson’s objectives and give parents tips on what we can do at home to enhance the child’s learning. My two kids just love the lessons in CPDA and they have learnt a lot indeed. My elder son applied for 8 kindergartens and he got an offer from all of them. My younger son is now 13 months old and he can eat snacks with toothpicks. Not only are the tutors here professional, other supporting staff is also nice and friendly. I will definitely recommend CPDA to my friends.

Sum Yau’s mom

Sum Yau has already finished her playgroup course for 12-15 month old children at CPDA. At the beginning, Sum Yau was afraid to contact other people but now she can play with other classmates naturally. I am thankful for the tutors’ teaching and sharing from other mothers. I now understand more about children’s psychological needs. I am always excited when I have the lessons. Is it only the child who benefits from the playgroup? No! Even I learnt a lot in it. I could see how the tutors guide the children step by step, inspiring these children with different backgrounds in different approaches. Sum Yau has been transformed from a shy little girl to one who is willing to share with other children. She has also learnt a lot of gestures and words from the class. I smile every time I see her repeat what she has learnt from the centre.

Tin Wa’s mom

CPDA’s professional courses effectively cater for children aged 0-6. It provides kids with different learning experience. Through various interactive games, parents can learn with the kids together and this helps to build a close parent-child relationship. As a mother of two, I understand that the period of age 0-2 is crucial for an infant to build a solid foundation for subsequent growth.

I look forward to going to CPDA every week as it is a very pleasant experience for me and Tin Wah. I treasure this one hour intimate time between us in the centre. The various activities in the centre help to build a trusting relationship between us and develop his social skills and cognitive abilities, which lays a good foundation for his kindergarten school life.

I especially appreciate CPDA for using a wide range of interesting stories, games and music to train kids to do movements such as holding pens, walking and coordinating their eyes and hands. It was impressive when Tin Wah gave me a photo frame which was made by himself on Mother’s Day. Thanks to the teachers’ care and patience, children can explore the world around them freely. This helps to build up their confidence and encourages them to learn proactively. Children have different characteristics in different stages. In a particular period, Tin Wah had problems in paying attention and developing interest in things around him. With the help of teachers from CPDA, Tin Wah was able to overcome these difficulties and matured through these. I hope that Tin Wah can grow in every way gradually and evenly. I know that CPDA has opened a class focusing on combating the bad habits of our new generation. I think it would be useful for me to learn more about it and prevent my son from getting these bad habits.

Chun Yu's Mom

In order for Chun Yu to have a better development, I started gathering information on various playgroups. Since there are many playgroups on the market, it can be difficult to find a suitable one. Through my friend's recommendation, I learned about CPDA. I find that the environment is comfortable and the instructors are friendly and professional. Under their supervision, my understanding in childhood development deepened and this helps Chun Yu develop healthily. After classes, Chun Yu always comes home joyfully.

Matthias' Mom

Since 14 months old, Matthias has been attending playgroup at CPDA. It has now been six months since he started, and he went from walking wobbly to running and jumping; from shy and inhibited to active and lively, even looking after other kids in class like a big brother. His change was so drastic it surprised us and gave us endless satisfaction! Thank you CPDA for giving Matthias a simple, joyful environment where he learns through fun games. Not only is his attention span improved, he also adapted to social situations and learned about rules, manners, social skills and following instructions. For this, I’d like to give special thanks to Ms Wing and Ms Kit Lam. They are friendly, compassionate and patient in instructing these kids who can be difficult to control at times. They also gave appropriate advice to parents about dealing with children and their emotional issues, giving us much insight.

Tsz Long’s mom

When Tsz Long was nine months old, I thought it was time for him to go to a playgroup so that he can play with other children and be more active, and also learn something that I may not be able to teach. So, I started looking for playgroups in the Tuen Mun area where we live, but we didn’t find anything cheap and good at first. I happened to see some discussions about CPDA on Baby Kingdom, and I found that the fee was reasonable and the environment was good. It was well-lit and clean and I liked it, so I signed up.

At first, I didn’t notice any major changes because Tsz Long was an active boy to begin with. He likes to play and is quite obedient, but he doesn’t sit still and likes to move around. The playgroup program is all-rounded, having both active parts and quiet activities, and after a while Tsz Long learned to follow instructions and become open to new things. He is no long afraid to meet new kids! Since there are always new kids entering, I noticed a big difference in their responses. Those new kids sometimes refuse to do what the instructor asks. They don’t listen and are naughty!

After classes, we don’t have to rush to leave and we can play with other kids in the next room while the moms and the instructor share our experiences. Also there are seminars on child psychology for parents to increase our understanding of children. So, Tze Long and I have a lot of fun and we both enjoy being at CPDA! Thank you! I hope you can serve more children and their parents by opening more centers!

Tse Yuen’s mom

After attending the playgroup at CPDA, Tse Yuen improved drastically in every way! At first, she doesn’t want to talk, but now she has learned to express himself with simple phrases. Her attention span improved and she listens intently to the instructor’s teaching. Her gross and fine motor skills improved and now she can climb stairs and use utensils without problems. In group activities, she learned to share with others. Through the playgroup program, parents learn about the developmental needs at various times. This helps us provide the best development to our child. My special time with Tse Yuen becomes more intimate. Every week after class we review what was taught, and we apply the skills we learned to our every day lives. For example, in learning to sit still, when I sing the song “who sits the best”, Tse Yuen would sit very still! Through the playgroup program and the teaching of the instructors, I learned that it is useless to throw temper. We just have to use different skills and methods to achieve the purpose! The center’s location is convenient and the environment is pleasant. Although the place is not big, it is comfortable and clean. The instructors are reliable and they even discuss each child’s individual issues with us after class, which helps a lot!

Cheuk Ying’s mom

After attending the playgroup, Cheuk Ying became more sociable. She would actively seek out other children and is bolder now! Her gross and fine motor skills improved but her emotional, self-care and attention still need improvement. In the playgroup, as we can ask about our child’s development, we gain more knowledge on parenting and we learned a lot! Through their guidance, we learned about ways to discipline children, but because I’m a working mom, I may not have time to try everything I learned when I’m at home. I can only try the simple ones such as singing and reading to my child. If the classrooms were bigger, it would be even better, as kids would have more space to play!

Ling Ling’s mom

Most parents let their babies join playgroups so that they can gain knowledge, learn about discipline and self-management, and play. That was also my purpose at first, but after joining the course, I found that playgroup is much more than that. CPDA has become a great place for me to learn as well. The course allows me and my husband to notice things about our daughter that would not have been known due to our hectic work schedule. In the class, I noticed that Ling Ling is scared of passing through the toy ‘tunnel’. It enables me to do more of such activities with her at home and she soon gets used to it and is not scared anymore. A few months ago, I tried to teach Ling Ling the concept of shapes, but she still couldn’t get it despite that I’ve used numerous examples and comparisons. At last, the tutors in CPDA used a different way to teach it and she understood the concept quickly. So I figured out that I could add in songs and games that the tutors use in CPDA when I communicate with Ling Ling at home to enhance our quality time. Tutors in CPDA have given me insights in how to communicate with my daughter. Most impressive of all was that I should not always call Ling Ling ‘naughty’ and that no matter what we parents want our children to achieve; we need to think in their perspective. Every mother is greedy with regards to her baby. We want them to be healthy and well-mannered. When they can do these, we want them to be outstanding. We have forgotten about their own thoughts and we ignore their abilities. I would like to thank all the tutors in CPDA who have given me such valuable advice. I wish all the parents the best in rearing their children.

Wan Yin’s Mom

Our children Yun Yan took part in the CPDA Yun Yan's course, have been improved in various aspects, it depends on the success of a number of teachers teaching methods and the patience! Yun Yan's language development faster, home often requested to sing the teacher taught us the songs, while singing while doing the action, the contents of the song applied to daily life, such as politely greeting, hands should be appropriate gracefully, to share toys, etc.; we are with the children enjoy this time of parent-child interaction, also found that teaching children the rules from which a good way; the classroom teacher will play the strengths of Yun Yan, enabled her to stand out students sing and dance along with collar, in order to build confidence and enhance interest in learning, so we feel that children really like to go to school too! On the other hand, entering hours Yun Yan big muscles and hand-eye coordination are poor, bad temper very easily, after this three months after the course has improved a lot than before, teachers are happy to guide what we should focus at home training so that we and the children benefit! !

Sophie’s mom

Sophie has joined CPDA playgroup since she was one year old. She has already join the three courses. She feels happy when she goes to CPDA. I know she enjoys the learning process. Daddy and I feel that she gains a lot of improvement from the playgroup. Apart from Sophie learns being patience, her attentiveness, muscle and interpersonal skill have been strengethened. Daddy and I gain more information on educate children and parenting skill. Thank you CPDA. Hope that we will bring Sophie to CPDA again. Wish you all the best. Truly hope that more students come to CPDA and more class will be provided to them.


Parents' Comment
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